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Kevin Collins, President and Owner of Collins Building Group, has worked in construction as long as he can remember. Starting at an early age, he assisted his grandfather with projects; this is where he grew to love the work. Throughout high school and college, he worked on golf courses and always ended up managing the larger projects. He remembers taking a lot of flack from older guys on the crews while he oversaw their work, but he knew he had a knack for the trade.

After graduating from Clemson University, Kevin wanted construction experience on a much larger scale. He considered possibilities where he could get the most experience in a short time, and was offered a position with a golf course construction company north of Atlanta, Georgia. He was initially hired to fix the many issues they were having on a project that was way behind schedule. During the following six months, Kevin remembers thinking how ridiculous it was to be repairing things that should have never been faulty in the first place. Two months later, he was a full-fledged golf course construction superintendent. The owner of the company assigned him to the management of a new course for one of the largest developers in Atlanta.

Not being one to sit around, Kevin hit the ground running and completed his first official project within 12 months, almost one full year ahead of the company’s previous project. Kevin believes it was some of the greatest experience he could have asked for. Things were going so well at this job that within a couple months, he was asked to oversee every aspect of the project, from dealing with developers, county officials, architects, OSHA, building inspectors, and others. When Kevin started working on the project, the property was completely wooded with nothing in place; when he left, it was fully operable. Kevin and his crews completed all the construction in-house, an extremely valuable experience.

In November of 2000, after he and his wife, Suzanne, had their first child, they decided to move back to the Clemson, SC area. They loved the community and felt it would be a great place to raise a family and start a new business. Kevin has never regretted making that leap of faith, and in 2012, he and Suzanne welcomed number five to their family.

If you’re looking to build in Upstate South Carolina or the mountains of North Carolina, Kevin and his team at Collins Building Group, Inc. are ready to assist you.

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"I chose Kevin Collins because of the outstanding quality of his work, attention to detail, his personal integrity, and his focus on making customers happy. Even after completing my house over two years ago, he still responds if I need him to fix something or for his advice on a home improvement project. He hires only the most reputable subcontractors and uses only product suppliers that service what they sell. Kevin thinks about long term customer satisfaction when he builds homes, thus building it the right way the first time. Since building my second home I have used Kevin to improve my primary home on multiple occasions. I trust him and the work his people do for him. He has exceeded my expectations every time."

J. Fountain
Collins Building Group Homeowner Since 2009
“Kevin, is a detailed manager who watches the budget for any job like a hawk. I have worked with Kevin on many projects large and small and can say with confidence that he will bring the project in on time and on budget.”

G. Mast
Yoder’s Building Supply
"I met Kevin when I was considering buying the lot that I ultimately built our home on. Kevin was referred to me by my real estate agent. I hired Kevin to build my dream home because I believed I could trust him to do the right thing. In speaking to his references, I found only delighted clients. Kevin is fair, honest, and builds a very, very high-quality product that he and the owner are both proud of. I recommend him and his work without hesitation."

G. Smith
Collins Building Group Homeowner Since 2010
"Kevin Collins was very attentive to details and did an outstanding job getting in sync with what we wanted to build. Throughout the process, Kevin was extremely helpful in suggesting options that we might like. This is our "dream home" that we planned for about 12 years. The final product exceeded our expectations and more than made our dream come true. We have been in the home for about 3.5 years and Kevin still comes back to fix things that he really has no responsibility to fix. He truly cares about the quality of the homes he builds and he stands behind them."

C. Morton
Collins Building Group Homeowner Since 2012
"The workmanship on our house was outstanding, due most likely to the fact that Kevin Collins employs highly skilled and experienced subcontractors. Our cost reimbursable contract, and Kevin's tolerant and congenial personality, facilitated numerous changes as the work progressed. However, what sets Kevin apart from his competitors may be his extensive knowledge of and familiarity with new and innovative systems and materials. We drafted our own house plans without the assistance of an architect. Kevin made numerous suggestions, altering and expanding our plans, that were very much appreciated - the Miratec siding, the recirculating hot water heating system, cabinet and appliance arrangements, flooring and landscaping options, and so much more. I have given Kevin my highest recommendation to friends and colleagues and will continue to do so."

L. Bell
Collins Building Group Homeowner Since 2012
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